About Us

Fleck is revolutionizing the parking industry. The application connects parking space owners looking to make money with drivers looking to save money, time and effort on the burden of public parking in high demand parking areas.


Homeowners can make money by simply listing their space at a desirable rate and managing its availability directly through the app. Make your personal parking space your employee, and watch your cash flow increase without having to do anything. Whether you are at work, out of town or on the other side of the world, fleck gives you the power to connect with renters and make money right at your fingertips.


Ever spend too much time looking for parking? Or have you even spent too much money on a parking space? Look no more. Fleck offers an easy-to-use technology for drivers to find and reserve a parking space prior to getting to their destination, ultimately giving them immediate access to every driver’s dream: a reserved parking space waiting for your arrival.


Fleck vision is to be the world's #1 choice for parking apps. A parking app that connects driver's and space owners reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We make this possible by providing driver's and space owners with an easy to use platform and exceptional customer service.